“I’m Going Out with my Boots on”

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I have always been a big fan of Reese Witherspoon. I was so excited to hear she was getting married again. I have followed her life story since her divorce from Ryan Phillipe, to her long time boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, I was shocked to hear her and Jake broke up.

I admire Reese for her attitude towards events in her life. She is a very charismatic woman and a true role model towards individuals. Another reason for looking up to her is because she threw her Jimm Choo’s on the ground at her wedding! She threw then on the ground and let them break open with glitter. For us women, we all know how much a Jimmy Choo costs these days. Not only did she break her shoes, but she replaced them with cowboy boots!

I love country music and love how southern Reese is. She didn’t care what people thought about her, she simply wanted to be comfortable! Do you blame her ladies? Heels are a pain in the ass!

Reese also stated “”Yeah, I get nervous, too. I don’t like having birthday parties. I like going to parties, I just don’t like it when it’s about me—which is so bizarre, but…once I’m there, and I’m having the best time.” This also proves how laid back she is and how similar she is to us no matter how famous she is.
Hopefully, Reese and Jim can be role models to other celebrities and men and woman. They seem very happy together and he seems to love her kids like his own. Reese has been divorced once before and let’s hope it won’t ever happen again.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear cowboy boots on your wedding?


Born This Way


   Lady Gaga was definitely “born this way”. Her new cover on NME Magazine is  severely controversial these days.  For those of you who do not know, NME Magazine is the first for music news. Further, critics are saying Lady Gag’s new song “Born This Way” is ironically very similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

“I swear to you. I am not stupid enough to put out a record and be that moronic” Lady Gaga insists to NME Magazine. “Listen to me. Why the f–k…? I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded. What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about.”

Not only were people taken back by her racy cover picture and the fact that she was copying Madonna’s song, but they were annoyed with her word choice. Lady Gaga used the word “retarded” which upset readers immensely.

After the interview, Lady Gaga was reportedly crying because she was concerned about her fans thinking she plagiarizes her songs when in all actuality she doesn’t. She mistakenly used the word “retard” because she was shocked that people were so upset about her so-called “plagiarism.”

From a PR standpoint, I think she should have handled herself better. I understand people make mistakes, but she could have controlled herself and not used the term “retard.” People tend to read too much into words, but even my parents have taught me to not use that terminology. Also, I think the magazine cover is a little much, even for Lady Gaga! She is practically naked.

What are your standpoints on her cover photo and her comparison to Madonna?

Guest Blogger: Alexis Merante

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When I was looking through my peers’ blogs, I came across Alexis Merantes latest “I Guess it’s Time to Retire.” I was most interested in this because being from Boston, I am a proud supporter of baseball. Manny Ramirez was a former Red Sox ball player and that is why this article was most interesting. Below is the article she posted:

One of the most talented, and tainted MLB baseball players has abruptly decided to retire from the game right after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Manny Ramirez the big hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays is officially a retired baseball player as of this past Friday.  He informed Major League Baseball that he would retire rather than face a 100-game suspension.

“We were obviously surprised when we found out about it today and hurt by what transpired,” said Rays vice president Andrew Friedman, who signed Ramirez to a $2 million, one-year contract in the off season. “We were cautiously optimistic that he would be able to be a force for us.”

By retiring, Ramirez avoided having the MLB formally announce that he’d violated the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Instead, MLB issued a release stating only that it had informed Ramirez of “an issue” under that program, and he had chosen to retire.

From a PR standpoint I think this was a smart move for Ramirez. Even though the word did get out that he tested positive, I think it could have had a greater negative effect on the player had he been suspended for a second time.

Manny Ramirez broke into the majors in 1993 and played his first full season the following year. He went on to establish himself as one of the games most feared hitters.

The Donald

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I nearly fell off my chair the other night when I got word of the rumors that Donald Trump would be running for president! Whenever I think of Donald Trump, I picture his comb over and his hit NBC show The Apprentice. “You’re fired” constantly rings through my head after I see him.

For starters, Donald Trump, also known as The Donald, is a renowned real estate agent, author, world-class gold developer, and even a co-broadcaster of NBC hit pageant shows like Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

His show “The Apprentice” is a show in which contestants learn what the business world is like in the real world. After “The Apprentice” aired, Trump decided to make “Celebrity Apprentice” and have celebrities come represent.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is worth billions, I see him primarily as a business man. He is known for being the CEO of the Trump Organization, as well as a founder of the Trump Entertainment Resorts. Mainly, I do not see how people can take him seriously. I feel as if he does not know how much actually goes into being The President of the United States. It is a lot of hard work and I think he is too busy with other organizations to focus on being President.

Recently, Donald Trump has appeared on television networks such as Good Morning America and The View in regards to Obama. The Donald does not believe that Obama has proven his citizenship here in the United States and that Obama is one of the worst Presidents yet. However, The Donald is receiving heavy criticism in regards to this belief, which could potentially hurt him in his run for Presidency.

If indeed Donald Trump does run, he will run for the republican nomination. To me this seems like a stunt because he happens to raise this awareness the same time “Celebrity Apprentice” is wrapping up its season. It all seems too coincidentally to me.

Watch more of The Donald’s interview from The View here:

Toddler Gets Drunk Off Sangria

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How many of you have heard about the toddler who was reportedly drunk last month at Olive Garden? Lakeland, Florida has been making headlines in the news lately. Despite the tornado that touched down in Lakeland last month, a toddler was drunk at a Lakeland Olive Garden.

The story is as follows. The VanHeest family was out for a normal dinner at the local Olive Garden; however, the dinner turned out to be far from normal. Jill VanHeest, the mother of the child, knew her 2-year old son had been acting differently at dinner. Her son’s eyes were bloodshot and he was misbehaving more than he usually does. The mother was shocked to learn that her son had been drunk!

The mother had ordered her toddler a sippy cup full of orange juice, when in all actuality he was served a mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice, and wine! The toddler drank nearly the entire sippy cup before the mother realized. Nikolai, the toddler, was taken to the hospital and given IVs with fluid. He was released later that night and has been doing well since.

Olive Garden said the situation is being handled and that it was an honest mistake. The VanHeest family has yet to decide if they are going to sue.

This situation is nearly the same as Dominic, the toddler, who was served alcohol in his sippy cup in a Detroit, Michigan Applebee’s. His mother ordered him apple juice and Applebee’s workers mistakenly gave him alcohol in his cup. The fifteen month old toddlers expected blood alcohol level was .10! The toddler is likely to recover without any major damages. Since this misdemeanor, Applebee’s has changed its policies and will from here on out pour juice for children at the table.

These are some serious cases and mistakes on behalf of both world- wide restaurants. Hopefully these incidents will not affect customer’s views on the restaurants. Everyone makes mistakes, yet these are pretty severe. Hopefully both Applebee’s and Olive Garden can pull through this difficult time.

Deadly Storm Rips Through 6 States!

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According to msnbc, as of April 17, 2011, a total of at least 45 individuals were found dead after deadly tornadoes swept through 6 states.  Raleigh, North Carolina was among one of the states to have been hit the hardest, leaving dozens deceased and hundreds injured. Sixty-two tornadoes alone hit the state late Saturday night. This was the greatest number of tornadoes to have hit North Carolina in two decades.

Despite North Carolina, the tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Virginia.

A state of emergency was equipped for North Carolina on Saturday, yet by Sunday morning the severe weather storms had been lifted. Bertie County, N.C. was hit hard leaving 11 dead and at least 75 houses in the county were destroyed.

Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina asked Obama to declare a disaster in the states allowing for federal aid be available to all.

Shaw University located in Raleigh, N.C. ended its semester early due to the damage from the tornado. Students were evacuated without even taking final exams due to the severity of the tornadoes. College campuses evacuated individuals, allowing them to go home early, or providing shelter for those who live out-of-state.

The National Weather Service has reported that sections of the Midwest and South are experiencing more severe weather storms into Wednesday.

Here is some raw footage of the damage left behind by the tornadoes:

Please keep the families who have suffered gravely in your thoughts and prayers.

Guest Blogger: Allie Dunne

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This week I looked into Aliie Dunnes blog for interesting articles. I came cross this one below:

Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

April 16, 2011 by allie3dunne

Remember that guy from Super Size Me? Well he is back and about to start a new adventure, in Altoona, PA. When I first read about his new “movie” I was a little confused he is going to make a movie all about advertising and it will be paid for by advertising. I was very intrigued when I first came across articles on this new documentary. I thought it was a good idea, but I wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to pull this off.

The first big thing that caught my eye is that Morgan Spurlock will be renaming Altoona, PA to: Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

This is not a joke; the town is really changing its name for 60 days starting April 27th. It is definitely clear that those living in Altoona are on board for this film.

I think that Spurlock definitely had an interesting idea with making a film all about how brands are put into movies and television shows all the time. I would definitely go see this movie not only because I studying advertising and public relations but because it is and interesting subject to think about.

I am excited to see how this film turns out!

You can read more from Allie here at her blog : http://allie3dunne.wordpress.com I thought this article was interesting because I can’t believe after years of having the same town name, there are willing to change it for 60 days! Also, it shocked me that the star behind it all was the man from Super Size me! I can’t wait to actually see the movie because I think it is going to be really interesting.

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