Comments as we all know are an important aspect in blogging. Comments help make a blog interactive and social. They portray people’s opinions on a particular topic and in return receive feedback from others. Blogs make people feel involved in the world and reflect on topics that interest them. I learned that comments are what help separate a blog from a website. My advice on writing effective blog comments would be to ask questions. The more questions you ask the more engaged the reader becomes, which in hindsight allows more comments and feedback. If you are prompt in answering your comments, more people will be attracted to your blog because of how punctual you are. Readers feel valued if you pay attention to what they have to say. For example, if you are talking to someone in person, you wouldn’t want to be ignored. It is the same for a blog, except you are not face to face with the individual. Furthermore, try not to be defensive in your comments. It will only turn people away from your blog. Also, if you leave your blog open-ended people are more likely to want to leave their input. You want to be able to build a relationship with your readers, so keep in mind what is appropriate and what is not. You don’t want to turn away readers; you want to make them feel involved. Lastly, if you leave links within your comments, then people can follow you and learn more about your interests and further the conversation. For example, Facebook. Thousands of people use Facebook daily and are more likely to connect with you because of the interest at hand. It’s a way for people to learn more about you and share ideas. I feel that these tips are most important to keep in mind when blogging and commenting on others blogs.