In my opinion I do not believe social media monitoring is ethical. People are going to post whatever they want, when they want. The main reason people blog is to post personal information. It is a place to vent, or brag about something great that has happened in their life. It is a place where people can read about politics and the news and people’s opinions on what is going on in the world. It is a way to stay connected with people who have the same interests as you and to offer feedback. They are used for many different aspects. I believe the only way social media can be monitored is by you and what you post. For instance, if you have a Facebook and you want to get a professional job, then it is unethical to post inappropriate things because workplaces look at Facebook. They see what you post and what kinds of pictures you have. You have control of what you post. My sorority tries to monitor what we post on Facebook, in order to keep us in line and get ready for the real world. Also, we don’t want to make our sorority look bad, so people make sure to check and tell us what we should post and what not to. Even still, people don’t follow the rules and continue to have inappropriate content. Either way I feel that people will “tweet” or blog about whatever is on their mind. Sometimes it may be ethical other times it may be unethical, but in all reality I do not believe social media will completely be monitored. Social media is growing by the day and more business are using sites like Twitter and Facebook; therefore, think before you post. Think about what to say and how to present it before posting something. Social media monitoring will only help us, but in reality is very hard to control.