As we all know, the Super bowl took place this weekend. Regardless of the fact that my team, the Patriots, did not play I tuned in to catch some of the commercials that were played.

To being, I would have to say my least favorite commercial was Kim Kardashian’s Sketchers commercial. It was very distasteful and confusing. For me it was hard to get past the fact that she was half-naked, prancing around in skin-tight workout clothing when advertisers barely ever showed the shoes she was wearing. However, that is just one opinion about it. I am a big fan of Kim Carpathian and was mainly upset that she was chosen for a sexy ad about shoes that children wear. I simply found it uncharacteristic of advertisers.

One of my favorite ads was Eminem’s Chrysler commercial. The advertisers behind the work definitely researched their information. It was more of a serious, emotional commercial that viewers appreciate. I was not expecting such a moving commercial when I first saw that Eminem was in it, but I was proven wrong and the ad was very well done and made Detroit proud.

Also, I think the Doritos commercials were enjoyable and humorous. One of my favorites was the Doritos Office Commercial. It shocked me at first, but was very appealing to the audience and witty.

Below are a couple more of my favorite ads from Superbowl 2011:

House Rules

Betty White

Pepsi Max

Love Hurts

Told You So

Overall, I think the commercials could have used a little more humor. Out of the few commercials I saw,  I think previous commercials from previous Super Bowl’s were more comical  and had more time and though put behind them. This year there were an abundant amount of Doritos ads. When i typed Super Bowl 2011 commercials, the first whole page was filled with Doritos ads. All in all, i was slightly disappointed, due to the fact that so much money is spent on commercials and they weren’t as funny and interesting as they could have been. They had potential to be so much better.