Today, technology is a lot different then it was back in the day when our parents were growing up. In our generation, we grew up with computers and cell phones. When my parents were growing up they barely had a television or a cell phone. It is crazy to think that my parents would have to use a phone book and a land line when they wanted to talk to their friends!

Mainly, without the internet I would be lost. I Google everything. Let’s be honest. How many of you have a smart phone and Google answers that you don’t know the answer to? I know I’m guilty, that’s for sure. It is amazing to me that you can be in the car driving and on Facebook at the same time. Time has definitely changed, as well as technology.

When I was reading through PR Daily News, I came across an article about 5 mobile trends for 2011. The first trend is the return to the web. Here Smartphone’s were discussed. I recently got a Smartphone for Christmas. It has yet to leave my side. I check my email, Facebook, and Twitter constantly.

Tablets, such as Ipads and the Samsung Galaxy Tab have made millions and will continue to grow through the next couple of years. They can only get better with technological advances.

The list truly goes on, which is amazing to me. Just some time ago people didn’t even know how to navigate the internet and now that is all most people use for their source of information. It is simply outrageous how much technology is growing and increasing from generation to generation.