At first I was shocked when they said the podcast was going to take an hour. However, I gave it a chance and learned many new facts that I did not know before.

Shel Holtz, Mark Ragan, and other members of the panel did a tremendous job when presenting the concerns of social media.

They begin talking about blogging and how important it is for business. It allows customer feedback and to make issues with products better. The relationships are important with customers because they “become passionate” about the products and if the business is listening to their concerns then they will continue to buy products from the company. Social Media has established these important relationships. Like Vida said” You want customers to depend on you.”  For instance Ernest & Young makes it easy for questions and are very prompt on responding.

I was concerned that Mark Ragan the CEO of Ragan Communications did not want to make a blog or a facebook page. I don’t think at first he realized he needed to get his work out their and these were some good ways of going about it.

One of the great perks of social media is that it is free! At first the sites may seem complicated to navigate but you pick up fast.

What I learned from this is that it is important to use social media sites.  Business benefit gravely from them and customers do too. Social media has changed so much over the past couple years that I wonder what it is going to be like in years to come.

Ragan Communications has done a good job stepping up in the social media world. They have their own websites now and blog. They obviously got the hit of how important it is.