Foursquare is a new invention to the social network. Recently, it has been all over twitter and Facebook too. When I looked Foursquare up to gain more knowledge on it, I found it is a software for mobile devices, such as IPhones, Blackberries, and the Android.  The GPS in your phone locates the venue you are currently at.

This device allows you to “check-in” at restaurants and different venues. Depending on how many times you “check-in” you are awarded points to that particular place. You can become the major by being a loyal customer.

I find this application intriguing. I also think it is slightly dangerous. When you check into different places, people know where you are at all times. I fell that this makes it easier for people you who you don’t want to know where you are. The privacy in your life has been known to the public if you are checking in all the time. It is just scary to think about. I understand you are eluded points and prizes, but is that more important than being safe? To some it is.

I don’t like my personal space being invaded and I fell this app is truly invasive. Why would you want someone to know where you are all the time? Even simply adding your location on Facebook is dangerous and has caused problems in the past.

As for business, the app allows for them to receive recognition world-wide. This is only benefiting them because it is a form of networking; they are getting their name out their, which hopefully allows for more people to take interest in their business. By businesses giving out badges to their most loyal customers only makes for customers to continue coming back. All in all, for businesses this is good feedback and a way to get their name out their in the social network world.

What do you guys think? Have you personally used the app and had a good outcome or do you find it is a safety hazard?