To begin, for those of you who are unaware of what a podcast is, I will tell you. A podcast is either an audio or video file that is composed then released to the internet for others to watch or listen.

When reading, I found that in June 2005, podcasts were released through iTunes, making it easier and convenient to access them.

Podcasts are the new up and coming technology to the web. It is similar to how popular blogging became when it first took off. Now millions of people are blogging.Podcasts have attracted the interest of the business world and many others. It is the new phenomenon.

Moreover, businesses have taken an interest in podcast because they are an easy, effective way of communicating with their target audience. Emails aren’t always effective because people either don’t respond or they’re sent to your spam and that individual never receives it. With podcasts though, audience can listen and do household tasks or other things online. Podcasts are also easy to access because they can be viewed through iTunes. By adding a podcast video businesses can up their sales, increased marketing, connect with your viewers on a more in-depth level.

More importantly, when you are doing a podcast it is crucial to add show notes. This allows for the audience to follow along with what is going on. It is more of an outline of what is contained in the podcast. They should be detailed enough to lure in th audience, but at the same time you don’t want to give everything away that you will be touching upon in the podcast. By using keywords and a catchy title you make it easier for the audience to keep reading instead of being disinterested. You want your audience to visit your blog and maybe even subscribe to your podcasts, so be creative and effective when delivering your information. I

It is important as a PR major to listen to podcasts because they have a lot of valid information in them that will only benefit us. Many podcast focus on the media and news, which is beneficial because that is what we focus on. It is an effective way of seeking out important information.

What do you think of podcasts? Do you think they are effective and interesting in the world of PR, if so why?