Pr OpenMic is a great, innovative website for PR students, faculty, practitioners and recent graduates. It is easy to navigate and has a lot of useful information to offer. My favorite aspect about the website is that it doesn’t have ads; therefore, you can focus on what you’re reading or searching for.

The website contains different blogs, videos, groups and so forth. You can add your friends through it and even search for a job! It is a fantastic sight for networking with business and even professors.

I like that there are internships posted, making it easier for PR students to find interesting internships in the area. It is more efficient this way to send out information to the particular internship. Further, this is a way for people to interact not just through blogs. It allows you to upload a picture of yourself, add your own music and update statuses. PR OpenMic can be linked to your personal Twitter and Facebook page allowing for your viewers to learn more about you. This is an open opportunity for a wider connection with certain businesses. It is a great way of networking.

Being a PR major, I was worried about finding an internship next year. I have heard former horror stories regarding internships, but with PR OpenMic I feel more confident now. Instead of hearing of only a few internships in the area, PR OpenMic allows for a broader variety.

All in all, PR OpenMic is a wonderful website for networking. I’m glad they have founded it and glad it opens new doors of opportunity. Times are tough with the economy, so it is good to know there is a reliable website out there that has job postings and internship postings. I’m really glad our teacher had us sign up.