Tsunamis are not very rare, nor do we know how to handle them personally because we do not have to worry about them here in Florida. However, on Friday March 11 the world changed drastically for Japan. The magnitude of a 7.9 earthquake shook the grounds of Japan, resulting in a deadly tsunami. Thousands have been left dead and many are still missing.

Thank god for Facebook and Twitter because in the past week they have been some of the only media sources that have been used. Cell phone lines are down, along with most of the internet, so it is extremely hard for families to stay connected and reach their loved ones. Many people have been updating their status to show their loved ones that they are alive and okay.

The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Save the Children are among just a few of the organizations you can donate to in order to help Japan. Google and Yahoo have also set up pages right on their homepages, explaining to you how many are dead, where you can donate money, and even allows you to look for a missing person.

It is amazing to see how the world comes together are disastrous times like these. Hopefully, we can help Japan pick up the pieces and get back on there feet. This is a devastating time for them and I could not imagine how it must feel to not know if your family is alive or dead. I hope we can come together and help.