Do you Diigo? I had never heard of this site before until I was in PR Strategies. I decided to look more into it and found it really interesting. I discovered it was a social book marketing site, which allowed people to bookmark their favorite sites. Furthur, I learned that you can highlight certain parts of the page that are most important to you, which I thought was exciting.

College students can benefit from Diigo because this site allows you to access any of your bookmarks from any computer that you use. Moreover, this is a great way for students to share information. Diigo makes it easier for students to post website to their pages and helps group members out gravely. Since groups need to meet outside of classrooms, they can share website over Diigo and spend less time meeting up. I think this is a great website because it cuts down group time and will help students our immensely.

Here is my Diigo account:

Here is my Del.cious account:

All and all, this website is a great, innovative way to stay connected and network with others. Join Diigo now!