How many of you have heard about the toddler who was reportedly drunk last month at Olive Garden? Lakeland, Florida has been making headlines in the news lately. Despite the tornado that touched down in Lakeland last month, a toddler was drunk at a Lakeland Olive Garden.

The story is as follows. The VanHeest family was out for a normal dinner at the local Olive Garden; however, the dinner turned out to be far from normal. Jill VanHeest, the mother of the child, knew her 2-year old son had been acting differently at dinner. Her son’s eyes were bloodshot and he was misbehaving more than he usually does. The mother was shocked to learn that her son had been drunk!

The mother had ordered her toddler a sippy cup full of orange juice, when in all actuality he was served a mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice, and wine! The toddler drank nearly the entire sippy cup before the mother realized. Nikolai, the toddler, was taken to the hospital and given IVs with fluid. He was released later that night and has been doing well since.

Olive Garden said the situation is being handled and that it was an honest mistake. The VanHeest family has yet to decide if they are going to sue.

This situation is nearly the same as Dominic, the toddler, who was served alcohol in his sippy cup in a Detroit, Michigan Applebee’s. His mother ordered him apple juice and Applebee’s workers mistakenly gave him alcohol in his cup. The fifteen month old toddlers expected blood alcohol level was .10! The toddler is likely to recover without any major damages. Since this misdemeanor, Applebee’s has changed its policies and will from here on out pour juice for children at the table.

These are some serious cases and mistakes on behalf of both world- wide restaurants. Hopefully these incidents will not affect customer’s views on the restaurants. Everyone makes mistakes, yet these are pretty severe. Hopefully both Applebee’s and Olive Garden can pull through this difficult time.