When I was looking through my peers’ blogs, I came across Alexis Merantes latest “I Guess it’s Time to Retire.” I was most interested in this because being from Boston, I am a proud supporter of baseball. Manny Ramirez was a former Red Sox ball player and that is why this article was most interesting. Below is the article she posted:

One of the most talented, and tainted MLB baseball players has abruptly decided to retire from the game right after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Manny Ramirez the big hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays is officially a retired baseball player as of this past Friday.  He informed Major League Baseball that he would retire rather than face a 100-game suspension.

“We were obviously surprised when we found out about it today and hurt by what transpired,” said Rays vice president Andrew Friedman, who signed Ramirez to a $2 million, one-year contract in the off season. “We were cautiously optimistic that he would be able to be a force for us.”

By retiring, Ramirez avoided having the MLB formally announce that he’d violated the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Instead, MLB issued a release stating only that it had informed Ramirez of “an issue” under that program, and he had chosen to retire.

From a PR standpoint I think this was a smart move for Ramirez. Even though the word did get out that he tested positive, I think it could have had a greater negative effect on the player had he been suspended for a second time.

Manny Ramirez broke into the majors in 1993 and played his first full season the following year. He went on to establish himself as one of the games most feared hitters.