I nearly fell off my chair the other night when I got word of the rumors that Donald Trump would be running for president! Whenever I think of Donald Trump, I picture his comb over and his hit NBC show The Apprentice. “You’re fired” constantly rings through my head after I see him.

For starters, Donald Trump, also known as The Donald, is a renowned real estate agent, author, world-class gold developer, and even a co-broadcaster of NBC hit pageant shows like Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

His show “The Apprentice” is a show in which contestants learn what the business world is like in the real world. After “The Apprentice” aired, Trump decided to make “Celebrity Apprentice” and have celebrities come represent.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is worth billions, I see him primarily as a business man. He is known for being the CEO of the Trump Organization, as well as a founder of the Trump Entertainment Resorts. Mainly, I do not see how people can take him seriously. I feel as if he does not know how much actually goes into being The President of the United States. It is a lot of hard work and I think he is too busy with other organizations to focus on being President.

Recently, Donald Trump has appeared on television networks such as Good Morning America and The View in regards to Obama. The Donald does not believe that Obama has proven his citizenship here in the United States and that Obama is one of the worst Presidents yet. However, The Donald is receiving heavy criticism in regards to this belief, which could potentially hurt him in his run for Presidency.

If indeed Donald Trump does run, he will run for the republican nomination. To me this seems like a stunt because he happens to raise this awareness the same time “Celebrity Apprentice” is wrapping up its season. It all seems too coincidentally to me.

Watch more of The Donald’s interview from The View here: