1/29/11- Social Media: From reading your blog, I have now begun using digg. At first the site was difficult to navigate through, but I got the hang of it. I found it very informational as well. I also use skype and Facebook to stay connected. I’m so glad skype was invented because it helps stay connected with loved ones. The only thing I would recommend using more is youtube because it contains a lot of informational videos. I use it a lot for my communication class Rhetoric of the 60′s because it makes my life easier instead of having to read so much. I like to actually be able to see what is happening instead of reading about it. Either way I agree with the social media sites you use and can’t wait to read more of what you have to say!

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2/2/11- The Website that Changed Everything: I have yet to see this movie; however, by reading your blog it makes me want to even more now. It is interesting that we are growing up during this time period of Facebook being a billion dollar business. I agree with you and the fact that most of the time I go online and automatically type in Facebook  without even realizing it. It is amazing how many people use the internet solely for Facebook. I really like how you added a video to back up what you were talking about as well, it engages the reader.

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2/9/2011: Did the Beetle Make a Bang? :Emily, I agree with the fact that the Super Bowl commercials were not as entertaining his year. They seemed very repetitive and boring. I can’t even begin to count how many Doritos commercials I have seen posted on youtube! The Darth Vader commercial was very cute! Kids definitely add to commercials and reach out to the audience so the advertisers did a good job with this one.

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2/9/2011: Christina Aguileras New Rendition of the National Anthem: I agree with everything you have said Courtney! Everyone makes mistakes, even big time celebrates. Critics are being very harsh on her for her “slip up.” To solve her problem for next time the only thing I would suggest is to practice more before going onstage. Other than that she did an amazing job and people are blowing this issue out of proportion. I thought the performance was very moving and touching to all.

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2/9/2011: Shantis Social Media Journey:Shanti, I also agree about Facebook and having to have one. It is definitely the “it” thing these days especially since they came out with a movie and all. I am also new to twitter, so new i only have 2 posts haha, it is so confusing! I think it is definitely a learning curve. Either way good for you for keeping up with all of these social media sites!

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3/8/2011: Find me a job! : Mallory! I can not imagine how you feel about graduating! I have so much anxiety about that and I am only a junior! It is an exciting new step towards the future. I agree with you about PR OpenMic being a great resource to the PR world. It is so great that they post internships on their site as well as being able to have friends. This allows for more networking, which is great for everyone! Good luck on the rest of senior year!

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3/8/2011:Really Rolling Stone: When I saw this for the first time I was shocked! I mean, lets be serious, I am a huge “Snooki” fan mainly because I think she is hilarious. I did not however think it would go this far. Since the Rolling Stones focuses mainly on music, i was confused as to why she was on here. Emily I like your comment about ” is Snooki good at anything else besides GTL?” very clever. Either way I think Snooki’s stardom is being taken way too far.

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3/16/2011: Facebook vs. Twitter: Emily, I felt the same way about Twitter. I had mixed feelings about it when it first “came out” and had no interest. Now I see all of the benefits from it! I’m glad I have signed up and that Barbara has showed us how important it is to find people besides our friends. It is a great way to network. I still however like Facebook so much better, mainly because it is easier to navigate. I’m sure Twitter will grow on me and you’re right about them being beneficial to us in the PR world.

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3/16/2011: Location-Based Services: I’M HERE! Megan, I agree with you on the fact that location based services are the new upcoming thing to social media. However, my only drawback from this “App” is that people seem to know where you are at all times. Yes the perk of getting free stuff is awesome, but scary at the same time. I know I have not “checked-in” at any particular place before because any one can see the information when it is uploaded to your Facebook or Twitter and that makes me cringe. I think it has great perks like I said, but I know I probably won’t take part in it anytime soon.

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3/16/2011: Tosh.No: Lexi, I remember you talking about this subject in class. I too love Tosh.O and am kind of glad I missed this episode! I love President Kennedy, even though he wasn’t alive during our time period. I loved learning about him in Rhetoric of the 60’s. This is definitely not a laughing matter and should never be made fun of no matter how long he has been dead for. I can’t believe he would even have had the audacity to think of putting this on national television. I agree with you on the fact that I will not be tuning in for quiet some time!

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3/16/2011: You Know you “Like” it: I agree with Shanti, I love Taco Bell. I think by adding the like” button on Facebook has benefited many people, including Taco Bell. I saw this special deal Taco Bell was offering and was instantly excited. They handled the situation well and were clever about it. I agree with Shanti again on the fact that Taco Bell has gone through some rough times with the media and the accusations on a finger being in Chili. This time around Taco Bell reached out to their audience in the right way to silence others who were talking bad!

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3/16/2011: Girl Scout Cookies and your Cell Phone: Karen, this information is very interesting. I had no idea Girl Scouts decided to make an “app” in order to sell their cookies. I feel like this is an effective way of getting more people to buy their cookies. Also, it is definitely teaching them how to be efficient at such a young age. At the same time, I hope they are continuing to sell them face-to-face because they are so cute and get so excited when you say you will but a box and that’s put puts a smile on my face at the end of the day, knowing you just made theirs.

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3/16/2011:Nothing is More American than Coke: This is so crazy! I was never really a big fan of Coca-Cola. I am more of a diet coke kind of girl;however, I have drank it a dozen times. I am shocked that they would add alcohol to their products, simply to make people become “addicted” to it. There are more effective ways of having consumers like a product other than bribing them. I agree with Megan about the big picture. Coca-Cola i’m sure will pull through like they have in previous years.

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3/16/2011: “Skins” is Showing a Little Too Much Skin: Personally, I can not stand this show! I think these people are baring too much skin for television. Shows like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore receive so much criticism because of the way they act and i think Skins is way worse. I could not even stand to watch the commercials because they never made sense to me. My roommates and I then tuned into the first show and stopped watching after the first ten minutes. It is just absurd and whoever though of it is nuts!

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3/16/2011: “Good Ride” Good Life: This must have been so exciting when you found out that they wanted to keep you as an intern! I am struggling right now with looking for an internship and it is a very stressful process. I love the quote that you have at the beginning of your blog. It is very cute! I also looked at their website and this must have been such a fantastic place to work! It looks like a lot of fun and all your hard work has paid off!

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4/20/2011: “I Guess its Time to Retire.” I agree with you Alexis. I think it is a great idea that Manny decided to retire rather than be suspended again. I was shocked to hear that he tested positive for drugs, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

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4/21/2011: “What is up with this?!” I agree with you Nicole. I actually wrote about the same issue. It is startling to know that this is happening! Imagine how their parents feel! I agree that restaurants are busy, but that does not take away from customer satisfaction. I hope both of these restaurants can fix this problem.

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4/21/2011:“NFL – QB’s In Round One…And Football On 9/11”: I agree with what you have to say here. I love football, despite the fact that I am a girl, and I think it is wrong to have a football game on 9/11. I believe on this day we should reflect on things that happened a few years ago and not be focusing on who is about to win the game.

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4/21/2011: “Miss Maine USA Drops Out”: I agree with both Courtney and Erin. I found this topic interesting because my group members and I had just done a research proposal on pageants so this article made me want to read more. I think by stepping down from the pageant, Miss Maine is portraying a lot of character. Sometimes pageant winners and participants are seen as stuck up, but I for one do not agree. By giving up her position to go to her sister’s wedding takes a lot of courage and character. I definitely respect her more and think this was a smart move. I’m sure her sister appreciates it too!

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4/21/2011:”Summer Internships”: Emily, I love this post. I have been trying to look for an internship for the summer and it is so stressful. I have recently joined LinkedIn and also internships.com. I really like both of these sites and they are very helpful! Congratulations on getting an internship at Polk Museum of Art! I bet it will be a  lot of fun. Good luck!

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4/21/2011:“Twitterville Review“: I came across this post and got excited because I also read a book about twitter for my PR Strategies class. It was called The Backchannel. The Backchannel discusses how Twitter is becoming a way of changing presentations in the classroom. I agree that it can be a learning tool because like in my book they say how the presenter checks their Twitter account for feedback from the audience. I really liked your post!

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4/21/2011: “Oprahs AD Frenzy”: This is so crazy! I cant believe 20 million viewers are expected to watch! Like you said, it if exactly like the superbowl. Oprah is an amazing woman and I am sad it will be her last talk show.

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4/21/2011: “Donate Life”: All I can say is Wow. I am shocked that she even got a response via Facebook. The man who did donate was very generous and its a shame we cant have more of these nice people in the world. I think it is interesting that she posted this on ad on facebook. It just reassures people how much the world is changing.

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4/21/2011: “The Modest Royal Wedding”: I think despite the fact that they were getting married or not, Kate and William are always in the magazines. I feel like the media is making this such a big deal because it is Princess Diana’s son. Lastly, I think they ae going gaga over the wedding because Kate and William have been together so long that it can prove to others being famous and in love can happen.

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4/21/2011: Khloe and Kris: Off Bad to the Start:I love the Kardashinas; however, I was not a fan of the premiere of Khloe and Lamar. Kris can definitely be very over bearing towards her children. At some point she needs to let go and let the girls live their own lives. For her to call Khloe fat though was completely uncharacteristic. You should never call your child fat and I hope this is a lesson learned.

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