Going Viral

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YouTube is one of the fastest growing networks that allows for viral videos to become as popular as they are today. More and more individuals are becoming “famous” due to their viral videos they post on YouTube. For instance, the video “David After Dentist” is a prime example. David’s father posted a humorous video of his son after his surgery and his reaction to the Anesthesia. The video was uploaded to YouTube because David was simply trying to show his family members the comical clip. However, the video became a hit within days! Not only does the family make a profit off this video because of the advertisements off to the side, but they also donate a portion of their currency they make to dental charities.

So what exactly is a viral video? A viral video is a video that becomes popular to the public through the process of sharing on the internet, through video sharing websites, social media and emails. A viral video is considered viral due to the amount of publicity it receives. Further, a viral video is any video that is passed electronically from one person to another.

Humorous videos are among the most popular when creating a viral video, but not always. Viral videos appeal to emotions whether they are happy or sad. It is simply viral in the sense of how it affects an individual when they see it. If a certain individual likes the video they will be more likely to share it with their friends and so on and so forth.

These viral videos are becoming more popular in today’s society because of Smartphones. With the video ability these smartphones contain, it allows for raw footage shot by amateurs. This is more inexpensive than having to publish and edits videos.

I too have some favorite viral videos that I would like to share with you.

1.) Marcel The Shell with Shoes On

2.) Blood Baby

3.) Where’s the Chapstick?

4.) Nobody’s Perfect

5.) Charlie Bit My Finger


These are just a few of my favorite videos. I really enjoy Marcel the Shell with Shoes On because Marcel is so cute. The Blood Baby and Charlie Bit My Finger are simply cute and you can’t help but laugh! Lastly, I like the two videos containing songs because it makes you want to get up and dance and sing along! I am not one to usually watch that many YouTube videos, but I can say I have tried to make my own viral video with my friends.

What are some of your favorite videos and why?









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Do you Diigo? I had never heard of this site before until I was in PR Strategies. I decided to look more into it and found it really interesting. I discovered it was a social book marketing site, which allowed people to bookmark their favorite sites. Furthur, I learned that you can highlight certain parts of the page that are most important to you, which I thought was exciting.

College students can benefit from Diigo because this site allows you to access any of your bookmarks from any computer that you use. Moreover, this is a great way for students to share information. Diigo makes it easier for students to post website to their pages and helps group members out gravely. Since groups need to meet outside of classrooms, they can share website over Diigo and spend less time meeting up. I think this is a great website because it cuts down group time and will help students our immensely.

Here is my Diigo account: http://www.diigo.com/user/kaylacancelmo

Here is my Del.cious account: www.delicious.com/kcancelmo

All and all, this website is a great, innovative way to stay connected and network with others. Join Diigo now!

Tidal Wave

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Tsunamis are not very rare, nor do we know how to handle them personally because we do not have to worry about them here in Florida. However, on Friday March 11 the world changed drastically for Japan. The magnitude of a 7.9 earthquake shook the grounds of Japan, resulting in a deadly tsunami. Thousands have been left dead and many are still missing.

Thank god for Facebook and Twitter because in the past week they have been some of the only media sources that have been used. Cell phone lines are down, along with most of the internet, so it is extremely hard for families to stay connected and reach their loved ones. Many people have been updating their status to show their loved ones that they are alive and okay.

The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Save the Children are among just a few of the organizations you can donate to in order to help Japan. Google and Yahoo have also set up pages right on their homepages, explaining to you how many are dead, where you can donate money, and even allows you to look for a missing person.

It is amazing to see how the world comes together are disastrous times like these. Hopefully, we can help Japan pick up the pieces and get back on there feet. This is a devastating time for them and I could not imagine how it must feel to not know if your family is alive or dead. I hope we can come together and help.

“Snooki’s” Wild Ride-America’s # 1 Part Girl


When I think of “Snooki” I think of the Jersey Shore and this sloppy, loud, guidette. I would never have thoght

the show would have grown to be as big as it is today.

With that said, Snooki was on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine just last week. The article discusses how the Jersey Shore portrays her to be this wild party girl, when most of it is not all true. She has a good, tamed side as well.

“If I do something stupid, which is pretty much the whole time, I hate it,” she told the magazine. “I just hate it. Obviously, they’re only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I’m seeing is me drunk and falling down.

Mainly, I was shocked when I saw this article on the cover, with Snooki riding a rocket. I understand the magazine is more related to music rather than TV shows. It didn’t make sense to me as to why they chose her. She also emphasizes how she wants to sit behind a desk and work for a business, but personally I think that opportunity is shot to hell after her time spent on the Jersey Shore.

How did you all react when you saw the cover girl on Rolling Stones? Has her fame gone too far America?

Do you Check-in?


Foursquare is a new invention to the social network. Recently, it has been all over twitter and Facebook too. When I looked Foursquare up to gain more knowledge on it, I found it is a software for mobile devices, such as IPhones, Blackberries, and the Android.  The GPS in your phone locates the venue you are currently at.

This device allows you to “check-in” at restaurants and different venues. Depending on how many times you “check-in” you are awarded points to that particular place. You can become the major by being a loyal customer.

I find this application intriguing. I also think it is slightly dangerous. When you check into different places, people know where you are at all times. I fell that this makes it easier for people you who you don’t want to know where you are. The privacy in your life has been known to the public if you are checking in all the time. It is just scary to think about. I understand you are eluded points and prizes, but is that more important than being safe? To some it is.

I don’t like my personal space being invaded and I fell this app is truly invasive. Why would you want someone to know where you are all the time? Even simply adding your location on Facebook is dangerous and has caused problems in the past.

As for business, the app allows for them to receive recognition world-wide. This is only benefiting them because it is a form of networking; they are getting their name out their, which hopefully allows for more people to take interest in their business. By businesses giving out badges to their most loyal customers only makes for customers to continue coming back. All in all, for businesses this is good feedback and a way to get their name out their in the social network world.

What do you guys think? Have you personally used the app and had a good outcome or do you find it is a safety hazard?

I’m Going to the Jersey Shore


MTV’S hit show Jersey Shore has become one of the most watched television shows in America.  Nearly eight million viewers tune into the Jersey Shore Thursday nights at 10pm on MTV.

For those of you that don’t know, the Jersey Shore is a show about eight housemates that live together for the summer at Seaside Heights, NJ.

At first, many viewers were stereotyping the housemates as “Guido juice heads” who do nothing but party and tan.  Despite the fact that there have been three seasons of Jersey Shore followed by talk of another season in the making, only confirms the fact that Jersey Shore is in fact a popular show.

I personal think the show is hilarious. Yes, they do some very inappropriate things that most humans would not thing of doing, but everyone makes mistakes. They are simply brave enough to air their dirty laundry for the entire world to see.

Here is a small clip of what happens at the Jersey Shore.

If in fact you have not seen the Jersey Shore, now would be a good time to experience it. It is a hot show at the moment even though some of their language and life choices aren’t the best, and parents may not appreciate the dirty humor, but you can indeed get a good laugh out of it.

Also, the cast of Jersey shore has made it big. “Snooki” has a book out as well as “J Woww.” They were on ABC’s The View and much more. From a PR standpoint these people have it made. They merely had to be themselves on television and ended up famous. Wouldn’t you consider that?

Green and Yellow

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As we all know, the Super bowl took place this weekend. Regardless of the fact that my team, the Patriots, did not play I tuned in to catch some of the commercials that were played.

To being, I would have to say my least favorite commercial was Kim Kardashian’s Sketchers commercial. It was very distasteful and confusing. For me it was hard to get past the fact that she was half-naked, prancing around in skin-tight workout clothing when advertisers barely ever showed the shoes she was wearing. However, that is just one opinion about it. I am a big fan of Kim Carpathian and was mainly upset that she was chosen for a sexy ad about shoes that children wear. I simply found it uncharacteristic of advertisers.

One of my favorite ads was Eminem’s Chrysler commercial. The advertisers behind the work definitely researched their information. It was more of a serious, emotional commercial that viewers appreciate. I was not expecting such a moving commercial when I first saw that Eminem was in it, but I was proven wrong and the ad was very well done and made Detroit proud.

Also, I think the Doritos commercials were enjoyable and humorous. One of my favorites was the Doritos Office Commercial. It shocked me at first, but was very appealing to the audience and witty.

Below are a couple more of my favorite ads from Superbowl 2011:

House Rules

Betty White

Pepsi Max

Love Hurts

Told You So

Overall, I think the commercials could have used a little more humor. Out of the few commercials I saw,  I think previous commercials from previous Super Bowl’s were more comical  and had more time and though put behind them. This year there were an abundant amount of Doritos ads. When i typed Super Bowl 2011 commercials, the first whole page was filled with Doritos ads. All in all, i was slightly disappointed, due to the fact that so much money is spent on commercials and they weren’t as funny and interesting as they could have been. They had potential to be so much better.

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