Guest Blogger: Alexis Merante

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When I was looking through my peers’ blogs, I came across Alexis Merantes latest “I Guess it’s Time to Retire.” I was most interested in this because being from Boston, I am a proud supporter of baseball. Manny Ramirez was a former Red Sox ball player and that is why this article was most interesting. Below is the article she posted:

One of the most talented, and tainted MLB baseball players has abruptly decided to retire from the game right after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Manny Ramirez the big hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays is officially a retired baseball player as of this past Friday.  He informed Major League Baseball that he would retire rather than face a 100-game suspension.

“We were obviously surprised when we found out about it today and hurt by what transpired,” said Rays vice president Andrew Friedman, who signed Ramirez to a $2 million, one-year contract in the off season. “We were cautiously optimistic that he would be able to be a force for us.”

By retiring, Ramirez avoided having the MLB formally announce that he’d violated the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Instead, MLB issued a release stating only that it had informed Ramirez of “an issue” under that program, and he had chosen to retire.

From a PR standpoint I think this was a smart move for Ramirez. Even though the word did get out that he tested positive, I think it could have had a greater negative effect on the player had he been suspended for a second time.

Manny Ramirez broke into the majors in 1993 and played his first full season the following year. He went on to establish himself as one of the games most feared hitters.


Guest Blogger: Allie Dunne

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This week I looked into Aliie Dunnes blog for interesting articles. I came cross this one below:

Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

April 16, 2011 by allie3dunne

Remember that guy from Super Size Me? Well he is back and about to start a new adventure, in Altoona, PA. When I first read about his new “movie” I was a little confused he is going to make a movie all about advertising and it will be paid for by advertising. I was very intrigued when I first came across articles on this new documentary. I thought it was a good idea, but I wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to pull this off.

The first big thing that caught my eye is that Morgan Spurlock will be renaming Altoona, PA to: Pom Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

This is not a joke; the town is really changing its name for 60 days starting April 27th. It is definitely clear that those living in Altoona are on board for this film.

I think that Spurlock definitely had an interesting idea with making a film all about how brands are put into movies and television shows all the time. I would definitely go see this movie not only because I studying advertising and public relations but because it is and interesting subject to think about.

I am excited to see how this film turns out!

You can read more from Allie here at her blog : I thought this article was interesting because I can’t believe after years of having the same town name, there are willing to change it for 60 days! Also, it shocked me that the star behind it all was the man from Super Size me! I can’t wait to actually see the movie because I think it is going to be really interesting.

Widgets or Badges? decide

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Have you ever heard of a widget or a badge before? I had heard of them    once or twice in my PR strategies class, but did not know what they were. I took it upon myself to look further into their meanings.

I first heard about widgets when we signed up for a blog on Word Press.  However, I wasn’t exactly sure what their function was. I discovered that a widget on Word Press can be a blog category, search features, recent posts, tag clouds, and so much more.

Widgets, also known as gadgets, are codes which are usually displayed graphically. These then can be uploaded to your personal blog or website. They are usually customized by the owner or creator of the website. They are so successful because they are simple to install into a blog or website and easy to set up. Widgets range in different styles, colors, complexity etc.

As for a badge, they are usually just an icon or logo that contains a link back to its blog or website, which is an example of how a person expresses themselves in the social media world. For instance, Flickr is commonly known to produce badges. A Flickr badge is a widget that you can place on your blog or website. Most often, badges are images that are linked to the owners personal website. It is an easy way for them to get you to go to their blog or website and learn more about them.

Both widgets and badges are commonly mistaken because they are very similar. I think businesses could benefit from widgets and badges because they are appealing to the eye.  They also help link images to your website so customers will get to learn more about the business and what they stand for. Widgets and badges are a great means of creating a relationship with their customers.

Here is a short clip of widgets and badges:


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Do you Diigo? I had never heard of this site before until I was in PR Strategies. I decided to look more into it and found it really interesting. I discovered it was a social book marketing site, which allowed people to bookmark their favorite sites. Furthur, I learned that you can highlight certain parts of the page that are most important to you, which I thought was exciting.

College students can benefit from Diigo because this site allows you to access any of your bookmarks from any computer that you use. Moreover, this is a great way for students to share information. Diigo makes it easier for students to post website to their pages and helps group members out gravely. Since groups need to meet outside of classrooms, they can share website over Diigo and spend less time meeting up. I think this is a great website because it cuts down group time and will help students our immensely.

Here is my Diigo account:

Here is my Del.cious account:

All and all, this website is a great, innovative way to stay connected and network with others. Join Diigo now!

PR OpenMic

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Pr OpenMic is a great, innovative website for PR students, faculty, practitioners and recent graduates. It is easy to navigate and has a lot of useful information to offer. My favorite aspect about the website is that it doesn’t have ads; therefore, you can focus on what you’re reading or searching for.

The website contains different blogs, videos, groups and so forth. You can add your friends through it and even search for a job! It is a fantastic sight for networking with business and even professors.

I like that there are internships posted, making it easier for PR students to find interesting internships in the area. It is more efficient this way to send out information to the particular internship. Further, this is a way for people to interact not just through blogs. It allows you to upload a picture of yourself, add your own music and update statuses. PR OpenMic can be linked to your personal Twitter and Facebook page allowing for your viewers to learn more about you. This is an open opportunity for a wider connection with certain businesses. It is a great way of networking.

Being a PR major, I was worried about finding an internship next year. I have heard former horror stories regarding internships, but with PR OpenMic I feel more confident now. Instead of hearing of only a few internships in the area, PR OpenMic allows for a broader variety.

All in all, PR OpenMic is a wonderful website for networking. I’m glad they have founded it and glad it opens new doors of opportunity. Times are tough with the economy, so it is good to know there is a reliable website out there that has job postings and internship postings. I’m really glad our teacher had us sign up.




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To begin, for those of you who are unaware of what a podcast is, I will tell you. A podcast is either an audio or video file that is composed then released to the internet for others to watch or listen.

When reading, I found that in June 2005, podcasts were released through iTunes, making it easier and convenient to access them.

Podcasts are the new up and coming technology to the web. It is similar to how popular blogging became when it first took off. Now millions of people are blogging.Podcasts have attracted the interest of the business world and many others. It is the new phenomenon.

Moreover, businesses have taken an interest in podcast because they are an easy, effective way of communicating with their target audience. Emails aren’t always effective because people either don’t respond or they’re sent to your spam and that individual never receives it. With podcasts though, audience can listen and do household tasks or other things online. Podcasts are also easy to access because they can be viewed through iTunes. By adding a podcast video businesses can up their sales, increased marketing, connect with your viewers on a more in-depth level.

More importantly, when you are doing a podcast it is crucial to add show notes. This allows for the audience to follow along with what is going on. It is more of an outline of what is contained in the podcast. They should be detailed enough to lure in th audience, but at the same time you don’t want to give everything away that you will be touching upon in the podcast. By using keywords and a catchy title you make it easier for the audience to keep reading instead of being disinterested. You want your audience to visit your blog and maybe even subscribe to your podcasts, so be creative and effective when delivering your information. I

It is important as a PR major to listen to podcasts because they have a lot of valid information in them that will only benefit us. Many podcast focus on the media and news, which is beneficial because that is what we focus on. It is an effective way of seeking out important information.

What do you think of podcasts? Do you think they are effective and interesting in the world of PR, if so why?

Do you Check-in?


Foursquare is a new invention to the social network. Recently, it has been all over twitter and Facebook too. When I looked Foursquare up to gain more knowledge on it, I found it is a software for mobile devices, such as IPhones, Blackberries, and the Android.  The GPS in your phone locates the venue you are currently at.

This device allows you to “check-in” at restaurants and different venues. Depending on how many times you “check-in” you are awarded points to that particular place. You can become the major by being a loyal customer.

I find this application intriguing. I also think it is slightly dangerous. When you check into different places, people know where you are at all times. I fell that this makes it easier for people you who you don’t want to know where you are. The privacy in your life has been known to the public if you are checking in all the time. It is just scary to think about. I understand you are eluded points and prizes, but is that more important than being safe? To some it is.

I don’t like my personal space being invaded and I fell this app is truly invasive. Why would you want someone to know where you are all the time? Even simply adding your location on Facebook is dangerous and has caused problems in the past.

As for business, the app allows for them to receive recognition world-wide. This is only benefiting them because it is a form of networking; they are getting their name out their, which hopefully allows for more people to take interest in their business. By businesses giving out badges to their most loyal customers only makes for customers to continue coming back. All in all, for businesses this is good feedback and a way to get their name out their in the social network world.

What do you guys think? Have you personally used the app and had a good outcome or do you find it is a safety hazard?

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