Going Viral

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YouTube is one of the fastest growing networks that allows for viral videos to become as popular as they are today. More and more individuals are becoming “famous” due to their viral videos they post on YouTube. For instance, the video “David After Dentist” is a prime example. David’s father posted a humorous video of his son after his surgery and his reaction to the Anesthesia. The video was uploaded to YouTube because David was simply trying to show his family members the comical clip. However, the video became a hit within days! Not only does the family make a profit off this video because of the advertisements off to the side, but they also donate a portion of their currency they make to dental charities.

So what exactly is a viral video? A viral video is a video that becomes popular to the public through the process of sharing on the internet, through video sharing websites, social media and emails. A viral video is considered viral due to the amount of publicity it receives. Further, a viral video is any video that is passed electronically from one person to another.

Humorous videos are among the most popular when creating a viral video, but not always. Viral videos appeal to emotions whether they are happy or sad. It is simply viral in the sense of how it affects an individual when they see it. If a certain individual likes the video they will be more likely to share it with their friends and so on and so forth.

These viral videos are becoming more popular in today’s society because of Smartphones. With the video ability these smartphones contain, it allows for raw footage shot by amateurs. This is more inexpensive than having to publish and edits videos.

I too have some favorite viral videos that I would like to share with you.

1.) Marcel The Shell with Shoes On

2.) Blood Baby

3.) Where’s the Chapstick?

4.) Nobody’s Perfect

5.) Charlie Bit My Finger


These are just a few of my favorite videos. I really enjoy Marcel the Shell with Shoes On because Marcel is so cute. The Blood Baby and Charlie Bit My Finger are simply cute and you can’t help but laugh! Lastly, I like the two videos containing songs because it makes you want to get up and dance and sing along! I am not one to usually watch that many YouTube videos, but I can say I have tried to make my own viral video with my friends.

What are some of your favorite videos and why?








“We’re not in Kansas anymore..”

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Not many people had ever heard of Lakeland, Fl until March 31, 2011. Lakeland, Florida was predicted to get rain all week, which wasn’t unusual Florida weather, but never once had the thought of a tornado crossed anyone’s minds. Thursday morning was an interesting morning. Lakeland was under tornado watch until 1pm; however, we had many tornado warnings before. It was just another day of walking to class and getting a text from the school predicating a tornado warning, but classes were still in session. I remember sitting in class winds roaring, hail hitting the windows, black sky’s. We knew then we needed to seek shelter. We were evacuated from our buildings and immense amounts of damage had been done.

This was a different story for members at Sun ‘n Fun. Sun ‘n Fun is an aviation expo that occurs every year. Unfortunately they had to cancel their show on Thursday due to the tornado. At first, word got out to news stations that a building was struck and collapsed and individuals were trapped in side. This is how rumors start ladies and gentlemen. The real story is that in fact a tornado did touch down on the field of Sun ‘n fun but no one was injured. A tent did collapse with a few people underneath, but no one was severely hurt. On the other hand, there was report of a few planes suffering minor damage. Despite the tornado and minor damages, Sun ‘n Fun did continued on the next day.

Four tornado were reportedly spotted on Thursday March 31 in Polk County. The tornado resulted in many power outages across Polk County, tree’s down in the road, flooding and much more! Mainly, we are thankful to be alive. These tornadoes were very much not intended for, but thankfully we took the right precautions. From a PR standpoint, it is important to report on things that we know are true, so rumors do not accumulate from “he said, she said” facts. All I have to say is thank goodness news officials cleared up any confusions on the collapsing of the building because I am sure many families were concerned that their loved ones were trapped inside.

Do you have any recommendations that PR and news officials could improve upon when reporting a story such at this one? Also, what would you have done differently if you were in a dangerous situation like this one?

Finally, here is a short clip of what the weather conditions were like on March 31, 2011:

Widgets or Badges?..you decide

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Have you ever heard of a widget or a badge before? I had heard of them    once or twice in my PR strategies class, but did not know what they were. I took it upon myself to look further into their meanings.

I first heard about widgets when we signed up for a blog on Word Press.  However, I wasn’t exactly sure what their function was. I discovered that a widget on Word Press can be a blog category, search features, recent posts, tag clouds, and so much more.

Widgets, also known as gadgets, are codes which are usually displayed graphically. These then can be uploaded to your personal blog or website. They are usually customized by the owner or creator of the website. They are so successful because they are simple to install into a blog or website and easy to set up. Widgets range in different styles, colors, complexity etc.

As for a badge, they are usually just an icon or logo that contains a link back to its blog or website, which is an example of how a person expresses themselves in the social media world. For instance, Flickr is commonly known to produce badges. A Flickr badge is a widget that you can place on your blog or website. Most often, badges are images that are linked to the owners personal website. It is an easy way for them to get you to go to their blog or website and learn more about them.

Both widgets and badges are commonly mistaken because they are very similar. I think businesses could benefit from widgets and badges because they are appealing to the eye.  They also help link images to your website so customers will get to learn more about the business and what they stand for. Widgets and badges are a great means of creating a relationship with their customers.

Here is a short clip of widgets and badges:


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Do you Diigo? I had never heard of this site before until I was in PR Strategies. I decided to look more into it and found it really interesting. I discovered it was a social book marketing site, which allowed people to bookmark their favorite sites. Furthur, I learned that you can highlight certain parts of the page that are most important to you, which I thought was exciting.

College students can benefit from Diigo because this site allows you to access any of your bookmarks from any computer that you use. Moreover, this is a great way for students to share information. Diigo makes it easier for students to post website to their pages and helps group members out gravely. Since groups need to meet outside of classrooms, they can share website over Diigo and spend less time meeting up. I think this is a great website because it cuts down group time and will help students our immensely.

Here is my Diigo account: http://www.diigo.com/user/kaylacancelmo

Here is my Del.cious account: www.delicious.com/kcancelmo

All and all, this website is a great, innovative way to stay connected and network with others. Join Diigo now!

Tidal Wave

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Tsunamis are not very rare, nor do we know how to handle them personally because we do not have to worry about them here in Florida. However, on Friday March 11 the world changed drastically for Japan. The magnitude of a 7.9 earthquake shook the grounds of Japan, resulting in a deadly tsunami. Thousands have been left dead and many are still missing.

Thank god for Facebook and Twitter because in the past week they have been some of the only media sources that have been used. Cell phone lines are down, along with most of the internet, so it is extremely hard for families to stay connected and reach their loved ones. Many people have been updating their status to show their loved ones that they are alive and okay.

The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Save the Children are among just a few of the organizations you can donate to in order to help Japan. Google and Yahoo have also set up pages right on their homepages, explaining to you how many are dead, where you can donate money, and even allows you to look for a missing person.

It is amazing to see how the world comes together are disastrous times like these. Hopefully, we can help Japan pick up the pieces and get back on there feet. This is a devastating time for them and I could not imagine how it must feel to not know if your family is alive or dead. I hope we can come together and help.

Charlie Sheen is “Winning”

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As we all have seen, Charlie Sheen has been making headlines in the news lately.

His utter tumultuous life has been spiraling downhill for quiet some time now.       Charlie Sheen is best known for his role on CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. But merely a week ago, Sheen was fired from the show due to his antics.

He has been married three times and has five children with different women. He was formerly married to Denise Richards; however, she filed for divorce on accusations of drug and alcohol abuse and dangerous acts of violence. Same goes for Brooke Mueller. Sheen was arrested some time ago on acts of violence and was forced to go to rehab for thirty days and take 36 hours of anger management classes. Charlie Sheen is reportedly now linked to Bree Olson, a porn actress, and Natalie Kenly a model. He was rushed to the hospital back in January due to cocaine and alcohol overdose.

Sheen’s life has been a rollercoaster, that’s for sure. He complained about not being paid enough from Two and a Half Men, when in all actuality he was the highest paid actor. It is clear to see Charlie Sheen has addictions problems and needs to seek help for them. However, in his mind he is “winning.” He is reaching news everywhere; his face is the cover on magazines.If you don’t believe me follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter to see how he is winning in his every day life.

In the video below he explains how he is winning and how “he can take more drugs than any one could survive. That’s how he rolls, he has one gear.” Let’s watch:

“Snooki’s” Wild Ride-America’s # 1 Part Girl


When I think of “Snooki” I think of the Jersey Shore and this sloppy, loud, guidette. I would never have thoght

the show would have grown to be as big as it is today.

With that said, Snooki was on the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine just last week. The article discusses how the Jersey Shore portrays her to be this wild party girl, when most of it is not all true. She has a good, tamed side as well.

“If I do something stupid, which is pretty much the whole time, I hate it,” she told the magazine. “I just hate it. Obviously, they’re only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I’m seeing is me drunk and falling down.

Mainly, I was shocked when I saw this article on the cover, with Snooki riding a rocket. I understand the magazine is more related to music rather than TV shows. It didn’t make sense to me as to why they chose her. She also emphasizes how she wants to sit behind a desk and work for a business, but personally I think that opportunity is shot to hell after her time spent on the Jersey Shore.

How did you all react when you saw the cover girl on Rolling Stones? Has her fame gone too far America?

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