Social Media Resume

My name is Kayla Cancelmo. I am PR major at Florida Southern College. I am currently in my junior year here; however, when I graduate I hope to become an event planner. Here is some of my work from this semester:

This here is a presentation about a book I read for my PR Strategies class. The book is called The Backchannel. It is about how audiences are using Twitter and other social media sites and changing presentations forever.

The backchannel

The next power point is a power point I made for my Rhetoric of the 60’s class. It is in regards to a speech done by Lyndon B. Johnson’s. I applied the Neo-Aristotelian theory and situation theory to this piece of rhetoric along with a newspaper article. Read more about it here.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

My Social Media Monitoring Report is in regards to Apple. I monitored their company and wrote about their products that they have. I looked into blogs about Apple and much more.

Social Media Monitoring Report

My podcast is me presenting my book, The Backchannel. Since I had never done a podcast before, this is nothing special. Next time, I want to know how to add credits and a title and little things like that to spruce it up.


My news release is about how Mr. John T. Miller gave money to Florida Southern College to make a water dome.

News Relsease

I liked my blog post “Going Viral” because it was a fun topic to write about. I was given the opportunity to show viewers my favorite viral videos from YouTube and receive feedback about what they thought of them.

Blog Post: Going Viral

Next, I chose “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” because I thought this was an interesting topic and had free rein with it.

Blog Post: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

Lastly, I chose “Tidal Wave”  as my favorite posts because it is regarding the Tsunami that hit Japan. It was an important topic to blog about and I wanted viewers to realize that and then maybe they would be willing to donate money or send care boxes, little things that can make a difference. So i was basically creating awareness with this post.

Blog Post: Tidal Wave

I made a LinkedIn account because it is important to network. I chose this site because classmates told me I should join and it could help me out in the future, so i joined. Here is my LinkedIn profile:

My Linked In Profile

I joined Twitter because we had to for class. I never wanted a Twitter, but now I have become addicted. Here is my Twitter account:

My Twitter Profile

Thanks you for reading, I hope you all enjoyed my Social Media Resume.


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